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Hire jumping facilities

Come and have your traning camp in Örnsköldsvik.

We have five different hills; K10, K20, K35, K55, K90 all are summer and winter jumpable. The hills are all in the middle of the city and you can easily walk to the city center. The train station is located over the outrun and the main road through Sweden E4 goes near the big hill. The hill is located in a nice surrounding with a lot of hiking and running trails. 3km from the hill you find seven kilometers of summer cross country skiing tracks which are excently prepared at winter time for skiing. 

You can book our clubhouse and surrounding cottages for accomandation or  one of the hotels that are located near the big hills outrun. In the past the norwegian skifederation had their anual big camp here and recently the german nordic combined national team trained here as well.

For more information contact Magnus Westman +46705184756

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